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  • Nick 10:44 am on July 12, 2013 Permalink  

    Step by Step Guidance 

    Almost all iPhone 5 users are fascinated with the idea of jailbreaking their devices. If you are one of these people and if you want to try doing the modification on your own then you have nothing to worry as there are simple ways to have it done. You may follow the steps below in order to manually modify your device.

    Keep in mind that before you can get started you’ll need to download the correct software. Visit: Jailbreak Software

    Steps To Manually Jailbreak iPhone 5

    1. The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you have already created a backup of your device.

    2. Go to the software’s website and then click on the link to download the application. Launch the tool by simply double-clicking on the icon.

    3. Go to the main menu, select “Extras” and then click on “Select IPSW”.  When a window pops up saying “Successfully identified”, choose a firmware and then hit on “Back”.

    4. Click the “Jailbreak” option and once the tool is done processing the firmware, you will see a few options in the screen.

    5. Since Cydia is not yet involved in this modification process, select “Install SSH” option and then the next button.

    6. Put your device in DFU mode to start the modification process. During this time, make sure that the entire process is not interrupted.

    7. Hold the power button down for five seconds and the home button for 10 seconds simultaneously. Keep on holding the Home button for 15 more seconds after releasing the power button.

    8.  Once you are in the tool’s main menu, select the “Extras” option and then “Just boot”.

    9. If the device reboots, it only indicates that it has already been modified. While the device is rebooting, make sure that you are no longer holding down any of the buttons. Also make sure that the process is not interrupted by any means.

    10. The last thing that you should do is to simply install “Cydia” by going to your settings of your device. Once “Cydia” is installed, it only means that your device is completely modified.

    Again, to get started with the above steps, you’ll need the correct software. You can download it here: Jailbreak Software

    You can successfully modify your mobile device with the use of the steps above. However, you can also skip the lengthy part and just do it effortlessly with the use of a powerful software application. This type of tool only requires a few button clicks to get the job done. Once your device is successfully modified, you will feel like you have purchased a new and more updated phone.

  • Nick 5:19 pm on May 4, 2013 Permalink  

    How to Enable Safari File Uploading 

    This will also work with all iPhone 5 models.

    1.  Launch Cydia, take a look at the bottom of the screen and choose the Sections tab.

    2.  Once you see the list of sections select Tweaks by pressing on it. This will then bring you to the Tweaks section with a list of options in it.

    3. You may then click on Safari Upload Enabler in order to select it from the list of packages.

    4.  Go to the upper-right part of the screen and locate the button that says “Purchase”.  Click on it to buy the tweak.

    5. After the payment is authorized click on the Install button once it appears.

    6. Press the Confirm button to verify your action and this will then automatically start the installation process.

    7. You will then see a huge button that says “Reboot Device” once the installation process is completed, just click on it to restart your device.

    8.  Launch Safari from SpringBoard once the device is done rebooting.

    9. Locate the web page that has HTML file upload field and then click on the Choose File button.

    10. After performing the steps above you will then see a directory listing of files where you can choose from your upload.

    11. Completing the process above will enable you to choose an image for your photo library, upload files from your PC and configure the Settings app options.

  • Nick 7:26 pm on August 22, 2013 Permalink  

    Tethered: Pro’s And Cons 

    Tethered has its own pros and cons. Knowing what they are can help you make an informed decision.


    • Your iDevice is now free from the restriction of iOS.
    • You can install other apps.
    • It takes a few minutes to complete the process.


    • You will expect bugs and stability issues.
    • You will have to restore it several times.

    So what should you do? Knowing the pros and cons will give you an answer whether to perform the operation or not. However, there are more pros than cons when it comes to it. A tethered iOS device will also let you maximize the benefits of owning it. After all, you have worked hard to purchase that thing. That means, you cannot allow anyone, not even Apple, to dictate what you can and cannot do with your own device. Still, there are things you have to consider before you make a final decision. Study those pros and cons so you will not regret later on.

  • Nick 7:25 pm on August 22, 2013 Permalink  

    5 Essential Jailbreak Warnings You Must Know 

    There are many jailbreak warnings that you must know of before you start to remove the restrictions of your iDevice. The software that can perform the removal process may come and go. However, Apple continues to tell owners and users about the different disadvantages of hacking their devices. According to said company, it may not be illegal to perform the process and install programs that are not approved by the company but the device’s service warranty will become null and void should the user opt to hack his/her device.

    That said, you should be cautious about installing a program that can hack the iOS. Keep in mind that modifying said operating system is considered a violation of end-user license agreement. The latest iDevices have added jailbreak warnings through their popular Flipboard app. If you hacked your iOS device, you would see a pop up message about some potential issues you might encounter using a hacked device.

    Although hacking your iDevice means opening up to many new possibilities, it can cause a lot of problems and headaches.

    So, here are some things you must consider why you might not want to perform it.

    1. Discard safety and stability

    This is one of the jailbreak warnings you will find when hacking your device. The process may provide you with several options while increasing its functionality. But it can cause various things to work unexpectedly. Some extensions and add-ons will crash. From there, you will be left wondering what is causing the problem.

    The problems you will encounter are no longer simple. They require some knowledge and effort for you to fix them. Although you can find tools that can assist you in troubleshooting, they are not that easy to use, especially if you are a novice.

    Furthermore, hacking your device means opening it up to new vulnerabilities. You can prevent them, however, but it will take a lot of effort that you may not be willing to undergo.

    2. Unable to update sooner

    This is one of the jailbreak warnings you must heed. Hacking prevents you from regularly updating its operating system. Even though you can easily install an app that can make restoring a bit easier, it will not help you perform an actual iOS update.

    When update is released by Apple, you will have to un-hack it and re-hack it. Then, you will need to re-install those hacked apps and extensions you used before the update. Plus, you will have to wait a little longer to continue hacking your device. And yes, this can be frustrating. Thus, if you really want to hack your device, you must strengthen your patience.

    3. Say goodbye to warranty

    One of the jailbreak warnings you should also consider is the fact that the process voids the warranty of your device. The company will not take the responsibility about the problems you are having with your hacked device.

    4. Restore as often as you can imagine

    Yes, this is one of the jailbreak warnings that Apple keeps on repeating. Hacking your phone is easy to do, when it works. However, in some cases, it fails. You will find yourself repeating the entire process until the hacking becomes successful. Doing it over and over again can be really annoying. And sometimes, you will make a full restore of your device more frequently.

    Although restoring your device’s operating system will only take a few minutes, it takes a few hours to restore your photos, videos and music you have saved in your device. Thus, it is recommended that you allot hours of your time if you encounter such problem. If you cannot afford to waste your time, you should think twice of hacking your iDevice.

    5. Brick the device

    Hacking may cause bricking your device. Although it does not always happen, it occurs. And if your device stops working, you will be forever saying goodbye to it as you can never bring back its life no matter what program you install or hardware to use.

    These jailbreak warnings are always given when you purchase your iDevice. Apple is against the entire hacking process. When you sign its end-user license agreement, you are acquiescing that you will not modify its operating system no matter how tempting it is to customize your device and make it work like you want it to be. So, keep these in mind before you start downloading hacking software.

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    What Will Change After You’ve Jailbroken Your iPhone 5? 

    What will change after you’ve jailbroken your iPhone? There are many things that could change. Hence, there are many reasons to remove those restrictions from your device.

    1. Customizations

    One of the best things of performing this action is that it allows you to customize your device in every way possible. You can install the themes that you like to change the overall look of your phone.

    2. Save battery

    This is a great thing of removing the iOS device’s restrictions. It allows you to install an app that can help you further save your phone’s battery.

    3. Enhance lockscreen

    Each time you get an email or text, you do not have to unlock your device. You can easily access them from your phone’s lock screen.

    4. Make Facetime call

    You can use FaceTime over your cellular network. In that way, you can save money while calling your loved ones through the said app, free of charge.

    So, the answers are plenty.

  • Nick 9:38 pm on August 20, 2013 Permalink  

    The Jailbreak Process Explained 

    You have heard of the jailbreak process explained but you may still have questions in your head that you want to get some answers.

    1. Bypass iOS restrictions

    This is the main goal of this method, i.e. to remove the restrictions of said operating system of Apple. From there, it lets you install certain apps that are not authorized by Apple. It will also help you tweak your device in a way you want it to be.

    2. Install modified kernel patches

    The entire process involves finding the weakness of the kernel and modifies it in a number of different ways.

    Most of the jailbreak process explained posts will tell you that the entire method is legal. Thanks to the ruling in 2010. However, if your phone did get broken after removing its restrictions, then Apple will not honor its warranty. Fortunately, you can restore its settings to make it look like nothing happened

  • Nick 9:37 pm on August 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    The Advantages That You Must Know Of 

    There are many advantages that can convince to perform the entire process.

    1. Allows customization of the phone

    By removing its restrictions, you can personalize your phone’s look and feel. This is a good way of personalizing the platform and making it easier for you to use based on your preference.

    2. Changes its menu

    One of the biggest problems of Apple’s devices is the fact that the most useful and beneficial settings are hidden under layers of menus. By removing the restrictions, you can easily switch the settings into something that you like.

    3. Installs app

    This is one of the most important jailbreak advantages, i.e. to be able to install apps that are not authorized by Apple. With that in mind, you can enhance the functionality of your device to match your personality.

    There are other benefits of performing this process but these are the main reasons you should consider getting it done.

  • Nick 9:36 pm on August 20, 2013 Permalink  

    What To Look For In A Jailbreak? 

    What to look for in a jailbreak if you want to remove the iOS’s limitations? The choices are aplenty. Here is a list of things you should consider when finding the right app for this purpose.

    1. Do not opt for a free app

    It may be free but it may not be worth it. Paid apps do not cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, some of them will only cost less than a can of soda.

    2. Check the developer’s credentials

    By this it means, you have to review the actual users’ experiences while using the app. If the majority of them were happy, then most likely you would be happy, too, with such program.

    3. Go with various features

    This is another thing you must consider on what to look for in a jailbreak – its features. Be sure that it has the right tools that will not only remove the iOS’ limitations but it will also provide you with other features that can help you optimize your gadget.

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    12 Steps To Free Your iPhone 5 From It’s Limitations 

    The iPhone 5 is a beautiful device but it is very constricting. Fortunately, there are ways to free it from the limitations of Apple, it’s called jailbreaking. In order to complete the process, you will need one the following firmware versions:

    • iOS 6.0
    • iOS 6.0.1
    • iOS 6.0.2
    • iOS 6.1 or above.

    You also need the following:

    • A laptop or desktop running Windows XP or above; Mac OSX 10.5 or above; or Linux
    • The iOS device that you want to free from its limitations
    • A USB cable to connect the device to your computer.

    Now, here are the steps you must take to jailbreak iPhone 5.

    1. Make a backup of your iOS device.
      • You can do this by launching iTunes or opening your iCloud account. This is a very important step, in case the overall process becomes faulty.
    2. Download the program mentioned here.
      • To avoid issues with the overall procedure of jailbreak iPhone 5, you need to update your device’s firmware. It must be running according to the requirements of the program. In this way, you will get all the new features of your device and additional bonus of the said hack.
    3. Disable Passcode.
      • To do this, go to Settings, tap General, and set the Passcode Lock to Off
    4. Make sure that no other programs are running on your device, except the program that you will need for this procedure.
    5. Launch the program you have downloaded.
    6. Connect the device to your computer (PC, Mac or Linux).
      • Make sure that the device is recognized by the jailbreak iPhone 5 program you have obtained.
    7. Choose the option that can free your device.
    8. Follow the instructions carefully.
      • You must not touch your device or do anything on your computer during the process. This is important to make sure that the overall process will go on smoothly.
      • Be patient as it could take a while.
    9. Jailbreak your iPhone 5.
    10. Tap the icon of the jailbreak iPhone 5 app on your home screen.
    11. Reboot your device.
    12. Start using your iOS that has been freed from its limitations.
      • Be careful in updating its firmware version as it could mean repeating the overall process of freeing your iOS device.
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    Some Jailbreak History! 

    One of the most used and most bought products made by the Apple company is their cellular mobiles. This device considered to be the pioneer of revolutionizing the latest mobile devices in the past 10 years. It is considered to be the first and foremost effective touch screen mobile. Most touch screen devices that got released 5-8 years ago were not that effective and fast compared to the original Apple Smartphone.With its revolutionary features, the iPhone 5 is considered to be one of the most purchased mobile devices in the year when it was released.

    This device does not only offer you a lot of amazing features, but it also offers you style and fashion.It’s simple, thin, and pocket sized, these traits were also brought up on and revolutionized throughout the next years. It shows that it did not only revolutionized the mobile industry technologically wise, but it also revolutionized its fashion stylistically wise.

    The iPhone 5 seems to be the mother of touch screen mobiles and it seems too perfect and too good to be true. One flaw that is found by many users is that you need to purchase applications from the iTunes store to be able to use them. This is often regarded as a money scheme, but later through time, is considered one of the best markets around the world today.A lot of people enjoy these various applications which present different utilities.

    Some of them are games, usable website markers, and whatnot. Some of these applications are free to download, but the most effective ones are usually priced.Paid applications that can be downloaded to your device became one of the most annoying problems for mobile users, especially for the thrifters. Fortunately, there are some techniques and ways to be able to download and use applications for free. The most popular and is also perhaps the most effective method is to jailbreak iPhone 5.

    What exactly is it?

    It is one of the most effective techniques of removing and bypassing the limitations secured by the apple on their products running with the IOS operating system. This is done through the use of different software exploitations, usually done by hackers and technicians. Doing this method to your apple product will enable you to have the root access to the products main operating system, allowing you to download applications, extensions, themes for free that is usually bought at the official apple app store. If your Apple device is modified you can also seek various applications and themes that are created by anonymous users which is only available to customized operating system of apple devices.

    How is it done?

    To free your Apple product from restrictions is feasible with the right amount resources. There are a lot of software’s and techniques out there in the world wide net which enables you to modify.

    You should be careful in picking a software and a method to modify your apple product,  some of the software’s out there are scams and hoaxes which makes you pay for nothing, and some applications can even hack into your device and gather private details such as credit card numbers and whatnot.

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    Managing Photo Collections With iLife 

    iLife has an album management program that can help you edit, retouch or add effects to your photo collection. Here are some of the things you should consider in managing your photos with iLife.

    1. Create Album

    To create a photo album with iLife, click the Add To button of iPhoto and choose New Album. Then, give your album a title.

    1. Delete Duplicate Photos

    To make it easier to delete duplicated photos, you must view photos in multiple view option. From there, you can compare photos and decide which ones to delete.

    1. Use Flags Or Favorites

    You may use these options to help you easily manage the photos you wish to share and keep.

    1. Hide Photos

    The Hide Images option of iLife’s iPhoto can be used if you want to avoid loading certain photos during preview. Simply tap the X button when previewing photos to hide them from the camera roll.

    There are tons of other things that you can do with iLife’s photo app, which will let you unleash your creativity.

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